I worked at this storage place once. I discovered something about people. I believe that people just decide that when they are in a bad mood it is the best time to go and interact with people who they are exchanging money with. My favorite was when I would tell them the price of something and then they would yell at me because of how much something costs. Usually when I go out to buy something I try to have a calm demeanor and try to act somewhat decent. Sometimes people seem like they are looking for a fight. I wish that for one day they would try and do what I did. Then they would discover that minimum wage is way less that those irate people are worth.

I believe that if money was not involved people would have a completely different attitude towards life. Our society puts to much value in money, and I don’t only mean how much the money itself is worth. I also mean the amount of power we as humans allow money to have over us. It can turn a sweet person into someone completely different just because they are afraid of losing it. I also believe that if money was not an issue people would work together more for the benefit of the country as a whole. Maybe even the benefit of the world.




Story Time

As I sat in this old rundown motel. I began to wonder why I had procrastinated on most of my homework. I knew most of it was due the next day but I could not concentrate enough to actually sit down and dedicate my time to something productive. I took a walk hopeful that my mind would open up enough to get the work done. As I walked back listening to the sounds of the city, a thought crossed my mind. I rushed back to my room to write it down.

I walked into my room light up a cigarette and got down to work. I discovered that I wanted to write stories that some people had told me. Before I started at my college, I was traveling with some Native Americans. Now most people have this stereotype that all natives live on reservations and gamble. While this maybe true there are a lot of natives that love to travel. My mother and father separated when I was young, and my mom married a native. Before long I was traveling around the country hearing story after story of the old times.

“One day Iktomi was walking back home, when he remembered that his wife wanted him to bring back some chokecherries to eat during dinner. So he found a chokecherry tree that happened to be located by a pond. While he was picking some cherries, he looked down and saw someone in the water. He got angry and started yelling and every time he would touch the water the person disappeared. He was to angry to realize that it was his own reflection he was starring at in the water. He fought so hard with this “person” that he fell in the water. By this time he had realized what he had done, he felt foolish for acting so crazy. When he got out of the water and walked home he realized that not only was he sopping wet, he had let his anger blind him so much that he forgot the chokecherries.”

The stories that I heard were interesting and some even had a moral to it. But most were just about when the older ones were young and crazy. It helped me realize that some crazy times you had when you were young will make awesome stories to tell your children one day.




Becoming famous used to be a tough thing to do. First you would have to discover something you had a talent for and then began to master that talent, and once you thought you were good enough you would put yourself out there. Now all you have to do is do something funny on camera and upload it on YouTube, and if people find it entertaining enough you began to make a name for yourself. Occasionally you can find someone who is really talented that way, but more often than not you find videos of people lip synching to someone’s music and their video becomes viral because they do something somewhat entertaining.

Another example for people having their fifteen minutes of fame is reality shows. Most people on reality shows become famous because they make themselves stand out. The reality shows that annoy me the most are the ones where they get specific types of people that the producers or directors know would have clashing personalities and then put them in a house and pay them to act like idiots. It makes me upset because people find that entertaining, and waste their time watching T.V. shows that are ridiculous. Personally I believe that people should be famous for actually having an actual talent, and making a fool out of yourself on national television is not a talent.

Trip Home

Earlier this year, my best friend got married in a small ceremony. A lot of people weren’t able to attend so they had their reception this past weekend. I hadn’t really had the chance to see them this past year, so when they invited me and my girlfriend, I was really excited. I called my dad to let him know that we were going to be up there, and told him not to tell anyone so it would be a surprise. When we pulled up to the building, out walks my friend with a huge smile on his face. His first words were,“ I did not expect you to be here!!” It turned out that he was as excited about seeing me again as I was about seeing him.

I knew I was going to see my best friend, but I did not realize that I was going to see a lot of other old friends as well. It was awesome to see how my friends had changes since the last time I saw them. Visiting everyone helped me realize how much I had begun to take them for granted. After the reception we all went over to my friends in-law’s and hung out around a fire. The next day I realized that I had not taken pictures and wished I had, because I did not know the next time I was going to see them again.

On the trip back to Dallas, I began to toy with the idea of moving back. Not only do my friends live up there but also so does a lot of my family. I would love for my niece and nephew to really get to know me and grow up with me as their uncle. As I get older I began to realize how much family and friendships mean to someone and how much they shape their life. No matter where I choose to live, that place will always be my home.


Paint is one medium I enjoy working with. For a while I had lost my inspiration and did not know when or what to paint. Lately painting has reentered my life and has once again became an awesome way of venting feelings and passing the time.

The first painting I had done started off nice and simple, but as I continued to paint, the canvas became increasingly more chaotic. The small details were nice but looking at it as a whole, the painting just look jumbled. It was not as pleasing to the eye as I had hoped it would be. The painting reminds me of a young kids messy room. There are lots of toys just laying around and it looks like a jumbled mess. Each individual toy may be nice to play with, but together they are too overwhelming to be considered fun.

The United States of Tara

For the blog this week I have decided on a new topic. My girlfriend and I have been watching this T.V. show, now normally I don’t get into to many television shows, but this one caught my attention. The show is called The United States of Tara. It is about a woman who was traumatized sometime in her childhood and to help her cope her mind split into several different personalities.

I realize that the show is a little more dramatized for television, but I think the way they portray her life with her family is interesting. The show does a good job on shedding light on an otherwise unknown mental issue. It allows for the viewer to have a more person relationship with Tara and her family. This show helps fans understand that the mental disorder is something very real instead of a work of fiction.

During the beginning of the first season Tara starts out with three personalities aside from her own. One alter (personality) is “T”. “T” is a very flirtatious 16 year old girl. The second is Alice, and she is the stereotypical 50’s housewife. The third is Buck. Buck is her only male alter. Each of these personalities appear when Tara is put under a lot of stress.

I grew up with a family member who had special needs. This allows me to relate to the shows family. Tara’s family are all affected by her multiple personalities and each react in different ways. It reminds me of how my family and I dealt with the stress of growing up with someone who need special attention, but also loving them very much.

Web vs Other Media

I really liked the article “A Dao of Web Design”. The word “Dao” roughly translates to “way” (of life). I think the writer was right on about a new way of designing. Web design combines all other media design and you can interact with it. Other types of media have features you can’t get from a website, but you can get all other media in one spot on a site. You can’t read a newspaper on the TV (unless you have a browser) and you can’t watch a video in a magazine. So it seams to me that the web designer has to be a jack of all trades.

Web designing is still kind of a new medium, which means it can go in any direction at this point . Print has to do more work as far as showing the viewer what they want to see. Web designers can simply provide a way for users to decide how they want to receive information. I hardly watch TV or read a newspaper anymore. Magazines, I read a little more often, but I like being in control of what I want to know or even witness. That’s why I use the internet and that’s why I’m a designer. Getting paid to connect people in an interactive artistic fashion sounds like something I’d like to do the rest of my life.


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